Hi I am Rebecka Gregory and thank you for learning a little about me..  See I used to live in a world full of fear, self sabotage and worry.  I used to question why I never felt like I belonged.  Always had the feeling that something was different about me and how I felt the world around me was not the same as others.  No one ever understood where I was coming from.  Locked in a world that didn't fit what I felt inside... Had lived my life holding on to past hurts and abuse.  Sound familiar?


Well, one day I made a step to take a chance on going down a path to search for finding me...  WOW has that brought me on such a wonderful journey... Opening me up to world that used to be unimaginable.  Now the road was not easy to set myself free, however, worth it all.  

My journey began discovering the world by becoming a hypthoerpist by attending the Florida Insitutude of Hypnotherpy.  Then the thirst for knowledge opened me wide open to search for my true heart song and be able to serve by using my gifts to assist others in finding theirs.  This deep dive took me to explore and become certified life coach, Reiki practitioner, certified Access Bars Practitioner, Akashic Records Reader, toltec apprentice, Warrior goddess Facilitator and now guided me to the Angel Academy. And then my heart opened up to allow the song of the light language to flow thru and set me free.... In one day my whole world changed


So here I am...  A little soul on this earth who has found her light.  Here to share my gift to others to find theirs.  Take a chance and be the change in you.. It only take a choice to say YES to you...  

Come join me on an exploration of you.... 




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