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Cosmic Tune UP Happy Hour

Join me at www.onenesstalkradio.com every Friday night at 5 PM pacific time for the Cosmic Tune UP Happy Hour radio show.  

Cosmic Energy Art -Painting

A painting just for you!  These painting are designed for you to help heal and grow.  Each one is special and unique. I tap into your energy to create a special piece.  Each one comes along with a message for each individual  

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Cosmic Tune Up

These services are designed for a quick tune up for the soul...  

Aura/chakra Balancing

Oracle review and mystic intuitive exploration 

Energetic Relationship release ( Can be a person or a situation or belief)

Cellular blueprint DNA restructuring with vibrational resonance

Exploration resolution unwinding-  Going in to the root of something and rewinding it and reprograming that belief, thought, pattern.  

Each session is designed at the time of service.. Taliored to you and what you require .  


$28 half hour

$75 hour

  Special of package of 4 sessions $270.00

Cosmic Soul Retrieval

An in-depth journey into the inner workings of you on a energetic soul basis.  This will get down to the root of your core belief and start to unwind you from a soul level.  Each session is personalized to the individual and what you require.  

Price: $175.  ---- 2 hours      Package 4 hour sessions $ 700  SPECIAL $602

ReNEWvenate Online and Workshops. GO to Book Online to see dates and times

Is your life flowing with ease?  Or are you stressed, overwhelmed, unhappy and just listen to the same tune in your head.  

You are not good enough, you cant do anything right, you are not worthy  and the list goes on…. YUP that is you telling you lies…. 

I am inviting to take a chance on you and be willing to set yourself free…   

How would your life be if you: 

Expressed what you truly desire

Tell those voices NO and open to the truth

Love you for you every part of you

Honor yourself thru self love

Stand in the Truth of You. Your True Magical Authentic Self. Bring you back home to YOU!  Take your POWER back!!!  If you feel a spark of excited, come and explore! 


 Join Rebecka Gregory for a interactive workshop taking a journey to begin to set yourself free and find you!  

Take the first step to RENEW YOU and REFRESH the AWESOMENESS of who you Truly Are! YOU are worthy to receive everything you desire.


Here is what we will start to dive into:

  • RETRAIN- Learn tools and techniques to really begin to feel into you.  

  • REFRESH-  Who you are thru expression paint and release old emotions

  • REFOCUS- Learn ways to look at life from a different point of view

  • RENEW-  Interactive exercises to assist you on creating a new you

Ready to take the plunge and explore you...  Check out the book online section for our next class....

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