March 23, 2018

March 21, 2018

November 28, 2017

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Taking the Journey Home

November 28, 2017

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Being the Rebel I am!

March 23, 2018


So the realization I had this evening had to do with how as humans we are so conditioned to be someone, follow the rules, stay in line, be polite, don’t talk back and basically be a puppet of a world that is in utter chaos.  So I say fuck that.  That it is time to ride that wave of finding the meaning of us.  To question the purpose of the functionality of a world that is not functioning very well.  To find the meaning of our purpose by taking a step back and stop looking for it…. Because bottom line is when you take away all the bullshit has been put on us, taught to us, told to us and we bought into it all of it.  Guess what that is our purpose people to learn to just be… And that we have the choice on what that is.  However, what do we chose.  We chose to stay stuck in a unrealistic world based on non truth of a reality that is false.  We chose to believe in old ways of being.  We chose to have faith in things that leave us in a constant state of unconsciousness . YES we are living the zombie apocalypse.  We are the zombies and it time to wake up.


Now back to my original thought of where this all began tonight. See I have been on this search of figuring out how do I wish to show up in the world.  All these little mask I put on to play all because of fear of not being accepted by those still sleeping.  Why is that?  Why do I chose to stay in this bubble of safety when it comes to my spirituality, how I want to show up, rules I wish to follow and what I wish to be..  Then it hit me deep down I am a rebel at heart and always have been..  That I require to step beyond questioning what I am supposed to be and open to what is in the heart of me..  Learn to just trust and follow with no questions asked.  That I don’t have to figure it out.  Nothing to figure out.  For in not looking to figure it out you find the answer you are seaching for.  For clarity of oneself and their purpose becomes clear when you stop keeping yourself in the loop of figuring it out.  I guess what I am saying is we don’t need to find the answer for you are the answer.  


The key to the golden ticket of everything you wish to be… 


Deep down I have been struggling trying to be something that is not me…. I am a strong no bullshit women who likes the truth.  I believe is simplicity of things and that we make everything so difficult.  I believe the world can only change if everyone gets off their damn soapbox of polarity.  We are missing the boat of this men vs women deal.. It is not about women vs men.  It is about the embodiment of what is represented by energy of what the female energy is.  That is what needs to be shifting.  I look at these women out there still stuck in the man way of thinking and being.  It is time we rise above that.  Time to embody our truth as women and men.  Time to learn to nurture and love.  Time to forgive. Time to look at everyone for the beautiful soul they are. Time to see the world thru the veil of the mask we created. The binders we have on..


Being a rebel at heart.  I more than anything wish to see this world change.  There are so many things that need to be addressed…. So I ask you to look at yourself and ask where can I make a change.  For every small change is a change that WILL impact the world..  So the more of us can take each take to contribute to that guess what it will start a chain reaction of mass proportions…. 


So my awareness to share for the day…


Live and love with GRACE in your heart,


Much love


Rebecka Gregory


Changing the world one thought at a time——- Being the rebel I am…… 


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