IWOW! The moment she began I could feel my heart chakra opening and the strong desire to weep. The cleansing kind of weep that clears lifetimes of debris from your path. As she continued I had a wave of calm and then my own downloads began to drip into my consciousness. Thoughts of explaining The layers of understanding and the myth of the enlightenment concept. I began to make sense of my current path and the changes that I needed to make. I felt a calm sense of being at home. A vibration that felt comforting and peaceful. If you have the opportunity to experience this gift she is bringing forward, don’t pass it up. Thank you again Becca. All the love in the Universe. Tracy Jacksonville

I have had several sessions with Rebecka, each one unique and varied in her healing gifts and talents. Like lightening she goes straight to the source of what is holding you back.  Add to this her sound vibrational gifts that you feel the energy moving through you clear and realized.  I highly recommend Rebecka to anyone and everyone.

Aryana- New Zealand


Running my bars was such a mind blowing experience- but I wanted to thank you for helping free me to forgive.  It has made wonders in my life these last couple of weeks.  If I were nearby- I’d hug you tight…. Thank you

Susan- Florida   


Thank you Rebecka Gregory for your sound healing ceremony.  It totally healed my solar plexus and got my energy flowing again.  The fact that I had this healing helped me to actually realize my true path. This is a HUGE deal!  I know my life path

Johnnie- Texas

Rebecka is amazing! She is powerfully intuitive. I leave our conversations in awe of the deep insights I gain. Her channeling, card readings and connection with the angels is strong. My life feels so much more on track since she entered my life. So grateful for her. I highly recommend. 


Rachel Texas


Felt like a big healing took place. I was able to let a past life pain leave me to open up my gifts in this life time. Felt more whole and like my true self. I can completely speak my truth.



I felt a large chunk of my essence come back to me. While she was doing sound healing, I saw my inner goddess literally rise out of the muck to be embraced. I also saw splashes of light with light symbols. I wish I could have videotaped them!




I highly recommend the healing practice of Rebecka  Gregory. I have experienced Rebecka's abilities in two different ways, and I want to acknowledge both. Rebecka works with a modality called Access Consciousness -- I have worked with hundreds of healers practicing countless modalities, but as Rebecka 'ran the bars' on me, I realized I had not experienced this particular method of energy healing -- and the reason I realized this is because I could FEEL something happening in my body that was simply distinct from other healing sessions -- and I felt awesome after the session, light, free, rejuvenated. The 2nd way I experienced Rebecka's work was when she offered to sing in 'Light Languages' for me. I sing & speak in Light Languages as part of my healing practice, and when we first met, Rebecka was not channeling these languages. Now she is, and when she 'let Spirit move through her voice', I was BLOWN AWAY -- a huge wave of healing power flowed through me -- nearly knocked me over! So I highly recommend attending a session or a circle with Rebecka  Gregory

Alan Pratt

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