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Expression of Me

Rebecka Gregory here welcoming you to explore you and find yourself home.. So i consider myself, at the moment, as a Cosmic Expression Alchemist assisting in creating a new world of love, joy, peace and hope..  My journey of who I am creating now is still unknown as I step in the great mystery of the future being in the present to surrender and allow the universe to guide me and learn, listen and experience along the way.    

My path before was one of growth, exploration and experience.  Starting out as having the experience of pain and suffering on so many levels that allowed me to find myself to say YES to me.  Then it all began taking me on an incrediable journey of exploring hypnotherapy, QHHT, Access Consciousness, energy therapies, akashic records, plant medicine and traveling to many countries and ancient sites.  And more....

Now in the present ready to expand and recieve the world in a new level.  Along the way I was gifting with Cosmic Tuning to assist others to upgrade and allow themselves to open and expand to the expressing of the truth of them

So now I am in the now of exploring this new me in this new energy we are so honored to be part of... So excitied to be on this life ride...Just holding on and riding the wave...

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