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I have had several sessions with Rebecka, each one unique and varied in her healing gifts and talents. Like lightening she goes straight to the source of what is holding you back.  Add to this her sound vibrational gifts that you feel the energy moving through you clear and realized.  I highly recommend Rebecka to anyone and everyone.

Aryana- New Zealand

Thank you Rebecka Gregory for your sound healing ceremony.  It totally healed my solar plexus and got my energy flowing again.  The fact that I had this healing helped me to actually realize my true path. This is a HUGE deal!  I know my life path

Johnnie- Texas

I felt a large chunk of my essence come back to me. While she was doing sound healing, I saw my inner goddess literally rise out of the muck to be embraced. I also saw splashes of light with light symbols. I wish I could have videotaped them!



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