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Be the Magic of YOU!

What magic could we truly be if we open to the possibility? This seems to be a theme of mine lately. Looking at the world now from a different point for view opens you up to see the possibility in all.. We are so caught up in the world that is beyond what is. We see the board in front of our face yet don’t take the time to look beyond it. We wish to have a new way to be. However, we are so locked in our own drama we don’t take the time to look and see this magic that is presented everyday in front of us. Why is society so caught up in a way of being that magic is too far to believe in. We dream of it all the time…What gets me is why is our culture so caught up in a dream of what could be however never can truly believe we can attain in.. Like the church and god.. Why is that so many believe in god that they can’t see. However you say you believe in fairies and one thinks you are crazy. Does not make sense to me..

People magic is real. Magic is in front of us everyday when we open our eyes and are born to create a day… WOW we get to create a new day. Everyday. A new way.. If we chose. It is time that we look beyond and open up the the magic that surrounds us. Let go of I can’t and live by I can…

So how do you create this world... It is so easy, indeed.


1. Make the commitment to you to wish to see you life in a different way. Gratitude for what is in your world now no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

2. Take yourself away from the mind set of "I have too and change it to I get too.......... Thanks Corin for this one. Create excitement with everything you do from the mundane to the fun... YOU are what you feel.

3. Drop down into you and feel into the energy you wish to be. From that energy will allow the creation of what you bring to you.

4. Discern between the emotions in you body.. Example sometimes fear of something is actually excitement... Ask questions when you are feeling something to get to the truth of what is going on.

5. Always ask who or what energy you are taking on... Did you know that energetically most of the stuff we feel is not even ours... It belongs to someone else or something else... Yes people we walk around acting like other people...

6. Always send out what you wish to create in the world from the heart with the feeling of what achieving/ receiving this will embody...

7. Open to receive with no expectation of what shows up.

8. Allow yourself to start to look at the world around you. Learn to BE in every moment not so caught up in doing... Energy of doing keeps you trapped in a loop of not being. Energy of BEING allows you to open to the energy of life flow...

9. Bring more play, fun, laughter and wonderment into your life... Remember a moment as child being excited about everything. Able to Dream Imagine Create... Not caring what others think just being YOU!

Thanks for reading my blog.. Keep in your heart- Embrace the magic of YOU

As I always say... Don't limit yourself- Create Yourself- BE the change in you

Thats all for now

Live as love with grace in your heart,

Much Love,

Rebecka Gregory

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