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Finding Light in the Dark and your way HOME to YOU!

Home is a funny word indeed... What exactly does it mean to truly be home.. We are brought up in world of home is where the heart is at least that is what I was told...However, I never felt that until I began a journey into the depths of me to find out what is home really about and how is it the heart. For my home growing up was never a place where I felt like I truly belonged. Like a shadow floating around in the place with stuff. Going thru life with teaching and beliefs and ways of being that never really felt right. Heartache and pain happened along the way. Betrayal, loneliness, sadness, abandonment, feeling unloved, unwanted and misunderstood were a way of life for me... I always asked how is my heart home with all this fear of life... What is this life I am in? Where am I? And why am I here? What purpose do I serve for being here? If this is home why did I choose this.....

On my journey of finding the truth I have come to learn that I am not alone at all in this way of home.. That my being lost was actually my way of finding all that I was looking for. That all I ever needed to do was look within and my answer were there. That this craziness all around me is just craziness that I yes I created. It never was nor will ever be the truth of what truly is... WOW what a thought... If I can take responsibility for me then I can create a world that is fit for me... The true me not this fake version of me I had to create to survive... Much gratitude for all of it, however because it brought me to where I am now... I have tasted the feeling of home.. Home to me... The journey stills continues however I hold on to the true light in me...

Along this journey I have learned so many lesson step by step as I began to shed the shell I locked around my heart. Here is what I have learned that I wish to share if you are searching for your home...

1. Everything you ever desired and wish to create is right inside of you. The outside is only a false reflection to trick you with the truth. For your truth is your truth and you must discern what that is

2. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH..... At yourself and all the little things that happen to you... When you laugh it takes the fear away

3. Forgiveness of yourself and others. For when we can look upon one from the light they truly are not what they do or say then you can witness the beauty within not the fear that is out.... And release ourself from any sabotage we did to ourself to allow suffering

4. Learn to listen to your body...... It is the radar of you and your world.. It will tell you when you are in balance or out. If you don't listen it will knock you down... Coming from one who is healing from a broken foot.... THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ONE....

5. Learn to get out of the head and follow the heart.. For when you can live from the heart your world will flow... Our head gets up in trouble with doubt, worry, questions and holds us back..

6. If you are terrified of something then that is what you need to do...

7. Embrace the imperfect perfection of who you are ALWAYS... For in all your weirdness, quirkiness, craziness that others see is actually the magic of who you truly be

8. If people don't get you. That is their opinion. Don't Listen. Stand in what is true for you

9. If you get triggered by something or someone that is your key to explore. In others words time to dive into that side you run from..YES the SHADOW.

10. Speaking of the shadow can you believe that is actually where home really resides....

Yes, you see in the shadow of us is where we hide the magic of who we truly are. In the shadow is where we have hidden that part of us others shut down.. In the shadow of us the truth. In the shadow is home..... For in that shadow you can spark the light to open you to connect to being back home... A feeling of peace, love and magical flow.

So on this journey I embraced the song in me. The song of sound from a cosmic connection that shifted me in a moment and I could finally open and say this is me...AND I AM HOME>>>>

Much love my explorers of

the soul... .

Kiss Kiss Love Love


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