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Be in the heart of the love of you. 

Take the time to open to a new way. 

A new beginning and a new YOU!   

All it takes is a YES to you and your world will begin to shift.

That is when the MAGIC of you

will open to create the dream and be the artist you were meant to be


Rebecka Gregory

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Expression of Me

Rebecka Gregory here welcoming you to explore you and find yourself home.. So i consider myself, at the moment, as a Cosmic Expression Alchemist assisting in creating a new world of love, joy, peace and hope..  My journey of who I am creating now is still unknown as I step in the great mystery of the future being in the present to surrender and allow the universe to guide me and learn, listen and experience along the way.    

My path before was one of growth, exploration and experience.  Starting out as having the experience of pain and suffering on so many levels that allowed me to find myself to say YES to me.  Then it all began taking me on an incrediable journey of exploring hypnotherapy, QHHT, Access Consciousness, energy therapies, akashic records, plant medicine and traveling to many countries and ancient sites.  And more....

Now in the present ready to expand and recieve the world in a new level.  Along the way I was gifting with Cosmic Tuning to assist others to upgrade and allow themselves to open and expand to the expressing of the truth of them

So now I am in the now of exploring this new me in this new energy we are so honored to be part of... So excitied to be on this life ride...Just holding on and riding the wave...

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I have had several sessions with Rebecka, each one unique and varied in her healing gifts and talents. Like lightening she goes straight to the source of what is holding you back.  Add to this her sound vibrational gifts that you feel the energy moving through you clear and realized.  I highly recommend Rebecka to anyone and everyone.

Aryana- New Zealand

Thank you Rebecka Gregory for your sound healing ceremony.  It totally healed my solar plexus and got my energy flowing again.  The fact that I had this healing helped me to actually realize my true path. This is a HUGE deal!  I know my life path

Johnnie- Texas

I felt a large chunk of my essence come back to me. While she was doing sound healing, I saw my inner goddess literally rise out of the muck to be embraced. I also saw splashes of light with light symbols. I wish I could have videotaped them!



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Cosmic Insight Podcast

  •  Cosmic Insight Podcast- Every Friday at 6pm Eastern
     Cosmic Insight Podcast- Every Friday at 6pm Eastern
    Fri, Jul 08
    Jul 08, 2022, 9:32 AM
    Jul 08, 2022, 9:32 AM
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